Which car is better to buy: Petrol, diesel, CNG or EV?

Which car is better to buy: petrol, diesel, CNG or EV? In this era of promotions and marketing, you may doubt buying which type of car whether with petrol, diesel, CNG, or EV engine?

Do not worry just go through this informative article, you will get all the needed pieces of information about the same.

Initially, we will understand the basic meaning of the given terms, and then we will go further into a detailed discussion about the different types of cars differentiated by their engines.

Let’s start with a very basic understanding of the words: petrol cars, diesel cars, CNG cars, and EVs or Which car is better to buy: petrol, diesel, CNG or EV?

Which car is better to buy: petrol, diesel, CNG or EV?
Which car is better to buy: petrol, diesel, CNG or EV?

Petrol cars:

This Petrol type of car contains Petrol as fuel and also has an engine that supports petrol as a fuel. In general, most cars have a petrol engine and use petrol as a priority fuel. 

What is petrol and how is it used in the car?

Before going much deeper into Petrol cars, let’s understand what is this and how petrol is used as a fuel for the car engine.

Petrol is basically a liquid, which is used as fuel for any vehicle. In the same way, we can use petrol to run a car’s engine. Petrol car mostly uses spark-ignite internal combustion engine whose major task is to inject the fuel into the combustion chamber and that is where it is combined with the air.

If you are planning to buy a car and are confused about the different fuel types and also about which to purchase, just be with us till the end.

Here are some most important points you are supposed to consider if you are planning to buy specifically a Petrol car.

  • As far as performance is concerned, petrol cars give the best pick up in comparison to the other fuels.
  • One of the most important parameters of this petrol car is, that petrol is easily available. The availability of this fuel is really huge. It is distributed heavily in each and every area of human beings. This is the major advantage of having a petrol car.
  • If we talk about space, then a petrol car’s engine covers very less space. which directly means that petrol cars provide you better driving experience than other fuel cars.
  • For each and every customer, the price of the car matters a lot. For this particular petrol car, it is affordable in price in comparison to the other cars.

Here below we have listed the somewhat dark side of purchasing a petrol car, if you are comfortable with it, then you are allowed to have a test drive for the same.

  • As we all know that petrol is having high prices than any other fuel like diesel, CNG, etc.
  • In direct comparison with diesel and CNG cars, we can say you will definitely get less mileage.
  • At last, if you are a kind of environment-friendly person, then you should look for another available option. 

Let’s jump into the other car type which is diesel cars.

Diesel cars:

This Diesel type of car contains diesel as fuel and also has an engine that supports diesel as a fuel. This type of car is not something that we can see regularly.

What is diesel and how is it used in the car?

As we already discussed diesel is just another fuel that is used to run a vehicle’s engine. the density of diesel is higher than petrol.

The engine uses a compression-ignite system as its basic function to run any vehicle or we can say car.

Here are some important points you are supposed to consider if you are planning to buy specifically a Diesel car.

  • As this engine covers less space, you will get a good boot space in your diesel car.
  • The one advantage over petrol cars is that it gives you more mileage.
  • Availability of fuel is also a good thing to consider.
  • Diesel engines give you more engine life as compared to petrol cars.

Let’s see other aspects of diesel cars.

  • As these cars contain diesel engines, it is having higher price rates.
  • If you are a person who cares a lot about the pickup of cars, then you are advised to look for other available car options.
  • Car maintenance cost is also high in the case of diesel cars.

CNG cars: What is CNG and how is it used in the car?

As we all know that CNG is Compressed Natural Gas. Basically, a compressed gas that is used as fuel for any vehicle or we can say any car. 

let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of CNG cars.

Here are the points which you are supposed to know before getting a test drive of a CNG car.

  • As far as fuel price is concerned, this CNG car is the best option for you.
  • The CNG car needs very less cost of running.
  • As it uses CNG (compressed natural gas) as fuel, that is why it is very friendly to the environment.

Let’s discuss the other side of this CNG car.

  • As this involves a big CNG engine, there is no question about the extra space.
  • As it is having big engines, the maintenance cost is also higher in comparison to the other.
  • Availability of fuel is the major disadvantage of this CNG car. 

Let’s understand the other type of vehicle or car that is EV.

EV – Electric Vehicle

It is nothing but an “Electric Vehicle”. In recent times, the demand for electric vehicles is at the sky. In this type of vehicle or we can say car, the electricity is used as fuel. 

Consider the below important point before going with an electric vehicle(EV).

  • One of the most important features of these electric vehicles is that it doesn’t require fuel like petrol, diesel, CNG, etc. That is why even the government supports these EVs.
  • In case of performance, Evs provides you with the best experience.
  • As far as the environment is concerned, it is the most friendly to it. 
  • The electric motor is used in its engines, which is why it does not have much maintenance cost.

Evs is the hot favorite for the future of the automobile industry. The only thing which is not on the electric vehicle’s side is the availability of charging stations.  Hope you have understood all the parameters and the required information to make the best decision for your car. That’s all about which car to buy based on the different fuels available in the market

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