Do Electric Cars have Gears and Clutches?

Today in this article we are going to discuss about Do electric cars have gears and clutches?

In this era of EVs, each person is really interested in knowing and understanding how an electric car works and what are the different functionalities it provides to the end user.

Keeping it in mind, in today’s article we are going to discuss Electric vehicles and the different use cases provided by EVs.

We will start with how an electric car works and then we will have a clear look at the contribution of gears and clutches in an electric car.

So let us start with how a simple petrol car works.

Generally in the automobile market, we have seen a lot of vehicles or we can say cars which are running on petrol fuel.

All the cars which use petrol as a fuel, use IC (Internal Combustion) engines in their internal structure. This IC engine uses petrol and produces Torque (Just another form of power).

the major task of an IC Engine is to produce Torque that will help in starting the engine of the general car. These types of engines have two tasks to complete. One is to start the engine and the other is increasing RPM (rotation per minute).

RPM is a simple concept to measure speed, RPM is basically a measurement of speed. The internal combustion engine maintains the production of torque so that the car runs properly, and also gives enough priority to increase the RPM so that the car runs at enough speed. This is how a simple petrol/diesel-based car works. 

In the same way, we can surely say that even an electric car needs the same functional power and speed to meet the user’s requirements.

The same torque and the same increase in RPM. let’s see how the engine of the electric car work. As we have seen in the process of IC engine in petrol-based cars, here in an electric car the fuel is the electricity.

as we all know that electricity is really affordable when it comes to generating power. In the internal structure of the engine of an EV, you will find an engine that produces the required torque.

We can simply say that the engine of Electric vehicles already has enough amount of Torque which is required to start an electric car. this Engine also maintains the RPM which is going to affect the speed of a car. This is how an electric car works.

Now we will have a look on what is the use of Gears and clutches in a simple car.

If we talk about a simple car, In the internal structure of the IC engine, there is also a machine called Gearbox. The major task of Gears is to maintain the RPM, the relationship between power and speed. 

The Clutch is a part of the Internal structure of the machine which provides support while changing gears in any vehicle or we can say car.

Now let us discuss the sparkling question do electric cars have gears and clutches or not?

Based on the working process of the Internal Combustion Engine, we have a clear picture of how the gears and clutches work in it. The real question arises when it comes to an electric vehicles.

As it uses electricity as fuel and already has enough torque, there is no such need to generate and manage extra power. so the electric cars have only one gear.

The only gear is solely responsible for all the operations executed by the gearbox. Of course, it is really good, because in a simple car where you need five or six gears to maintain the balance, here you need only one.

If we talk about the clutch, as the major task of the clutch is to provide support to the gearbox, here in an electric car we have only solo gear, so we can simply ignore the clutch in an electric car.

Some of you might have queries about the clutches and gears in an electric car, let’s discuss the same.

Do electric cars have reverse gear in them?

As per the process of working on an electric engine, we surely say that electric cars do not have reverse gears in them. Reverse functionality in an electric car is provided by the same machine by running it on the opposite side

How many gears are there in an electric car?

An electric car has only one gear, which is responsible for all the operations related to the maintenance of torque and speed.

Which car has more RPM?

As per the data, we can surely say that EVs have more RPM in comparison to general cars. If we talk about the specific numbers then, then general cars have a maximum of 4,000-5,000 RPM, when it comes to electric cars, the number goes to 20,000 RPM

Do electric cars have an oil tank, is there any need for oil in an electric car?

As we all know that EVs are totally based on the concept of using electricity as a major fuel. as electricity is there to do all the operations, so there is no such need for other fuel or any oil

Which transmission is performed in an electric car? 

As we have gone through the study of transmission, we can say that transmission is only needed when you want to change the gears. In an electric car, you have only one gear. So there is no manual or automatic transmission is performed

Final words

In this article, Do electric cars have gears and clutches? we have gone through the properties of general cars and electric cars. we also see how the engine of both differs from each other. 

In the automobile sector, Ev is the revolution. Even the government is supporting these types of projects. Understanding these new transformations is surely going to be helpful in the upcoming future. This is all about today’s topic.

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