Who owns the most expensive car collection in the world?

On this planet, there are a lot of things that you may have not discovered yet. In the same way, you might wonder after reading this article how can a person can have so and so. In this article, we are going to discuss the best exotic car collection of all time worldwide.

Please note that we are not talking just about India, it’s from the whole planet. Initially, we will see who is the owner of the world’s most expensive cars collection and somewhat more details about him, then we will look at the number of vehicles he owns.

I can bet this is going to drive you crazily. As the whole detailed list of vehicles has never been released from the owner so we will try to include most of the cars. Let’s start with who owns the most expensive car collection in this world. 

Who owns the most expensive car collection in the world?

Hassanal Bolkiah owns the most expensive car collection in the world. Do not be confused with the name, he none other than the Sultan of Brunei.

Brunei is nothing but the name of the country. Brunei’s major economy is dependent on petroleum and natural gas. Hassanal Bolkiah is not just a sultan of Brunei, he is the prime minister of Brunei on this date.

he has many important achievements in his life, one of the achievements is nothing but owning the most expensive car collection on this planet. If you are still not able to believe it, then we have prepared a new section for you, just go through it.

As per the information on Wikipedia and other online sources, we can conclude that Hassanal Bolkiah owns 7000 vehicles in total. This is not easy to digest. If we want to calculate the total worth of all the vehicles then we will get that it is worth $5 billion.

Please pay attention to the numbers, these are the number that most people can not reach in their lifetime. Let’s jump into the world’s most expensive car collection and we will have a detailed discussion on the car which is specified in the list. Below we have mentioned the list of cars that are in the world’s most expensive car.

As per the available data, we can say in these 7000 vehicles there are too many expensive cars like the numbers below.

Hassanal Bolkiah, Sultan of Brunei owns at least 6 Bugattis, 210 BMWs, more than 10 Aston Martins, 21 Lamborghinis, more than 130 Koenigseggs, 600+ rolls Royce, 180 Jaguars, 450 plus Ferraris, 380 Bentleys and you can imagine if the given car is rare, then it will surely there in the list of the world’s most expensive car collection by Sultan of Brunei.

If we specifically see some of the most expensive cars in the collection we can have a list like the:

  • Ferrari-512BB
  • Rolls Royce Fantom VI
  • Dower 962
  • McLaren F1
  • PUAston Martin V8 Vantage
  • Ferrari FX
  • Rolls Royce Silver Spur
  • Rolls Royce Phantom Continental
  • Ferrari Mythos
  • Mercedes Benz c63 AMG

If you do not know the specific functionality and key feature of the car which is mentioned over here, do not worry we are going to cover most of them in detail. Let’s quickly go for this.

Ferrari-512BB :

In the list of the most expensive car collection, out of a total of 450+ Ferraris, two of them were Ferrari 512BB. BB is nothing but the Berlinetta Boxer model which was produced by the Ferrari from 1976 to 1981.

Ferrari-512BB can reach up to the speed of 187mph. Now if we look at the number of models Ferrari produced is 929 models. This Ferrari-512BB is the best version of all Ferrari models.  Let’s discuss other versions of Ferrari which are Ferrari FX and Ferrari Mythos

Ferrari FX :

This Ferrari FX version of Ferrari is one of the rarest versions. One interesting story about this Ferrari FX is the production house produced only 9 units of the Ferrari FX car. Sultan of Brunei was fascinated by the glory of Ferrari FX he went there and ordered 6 units out of the total 9 units.

Ferrari Mythos:

The point to notice about Ferrari Mythos is its speed. Ferrari Mythos can reach up to 180mph. Sultan of Brunei ordered two units of the same. Ferrari Mythos is a concept car that is often not seen in general.

Now let’s look at the Rolls Royce car collection by the Sultan of Brunei.

Rolls Royce Fantom VI

An interesting story connected with this Rolls Royce Fantom VI is its process of building it. As per the available information, the worker developed the body of this Rolls Royce Fantom VI in 800hrs. Which is huge in comparison to other cars.

Rolls Royce Silver Spur

Rolls Royce Silver Spur car is connected to the story of the Sultan’s marriage. Sultan later gold on whole Rolls Royce Silver Spur car. then it is valued at an amount of 16M$.

Rolls Royce Phantom Continental

This car has created history in the auction. Rolls Royce Phantom Continental car bought by Sultan of Brunei at the price of 14M$ which is the most expensive car sold/ bought by any person on auction. 

Dower 962 :

This is one of the rarest sports cars available in history. The manufacturer produced only 13 units of Dower 962. Dower 962 won the 24 hours Le Mans in 1994. Dower 962’s 703 hp engine allows it to reach a speed of 251mph.

McLaren F1 :

As per the saying, this is the best sports car of all time. This is also called the greatest automobile ever created. Now, McLaren F1 has produced a total of 108 models from 1992 to 1998

PUAston Martin V8 Vantage :

The beautiful thing about the PUAston Martin V8 Vantage car is, this is the only version produced by the manufacturer and the same version is owned by the Sultan himself. This PUAston Martin V8 Vantage takes 6.6 sec to reach from 0-60mph.

Mercedes Benz c63 AMG :

An interesting feature of the Mercedes Benz c63 AMG car is its speed. it can reach up to 180mph and it is also plated with 24-carat gold.

The full list of all the vehicles is not released yet by officials or we can say Sultan of Brunei. Based on the list you can imagine how crazy Sultan is for cars. This is all bout the Most expensive car collection in the world.

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