How To Avoid Vomiting While Traveling in a Car?

Many of Us facing Vomiting issue while Traveling in a Cars, Buses, Trains, Planes, or Boats. we called it Motion Sickness it is not dangerous to one’s life but, this make your Traveling unpleasant.

Motion Sickness is usually caused by the sensory confusion Which is created between your eyes and inner ears.

It can strike anyone riding in any kind of moving vehicle because your eyes and ears receive conflicting messages about the movement that is going on around you. So, How do I stop vomiting while traveling in a car? what to eat to stop vomiting while travelling here are some tips.

10 Tips to Avoid Vomiting while Traveling in a Car?

10 Tips to Avoid Vomiting while Traveling in a Car?

Those who Travel less , People who have migraine headaches , older people, pregnant women, and children are the group of peoples usually they face vomiting issue while traveling in a Car in long run

These are some Remedies to avoid vomiting while travelling Car or Bus:-

Avoid Focusing (Distract your mind with music or conversation)

Often when we travel and if we have ever been vomiting in the past while traveling, then the thought of vomiting or nausea comes in our mind again and again. This is also one of the reason of Vomiting while Traveling in a Car.

So, To Overcome The Vomit Sensation While Travelling?

You need to Distract your mind with music or conversation, distract yourself enough to feel better start listening music of your choice, think positive and Recall happy moment of your life.

Get Some Fresh air

Open the Window Glass of your Car or Bus , Get some Fresh air that help you feel fresh and relax. Think positive and try to enjoy the beauty of nature seeming outside.

Avoid Reading in a Car

Reading is a Good habit but not while travelling if you have motion sickness Problems. usually People start reading books , newspaper and text on different devices while Travelling but this cause the sensory disconnect between the inner ear and eyes.

If you are studying with a lot of attention on books, newspaper or text on device, this can make it difficult for you to travel. so, avoid Reading in a Car instead you can listen audio book

Seated in a Right Place

Sometime your Seating position or seat also create  motion sickness in your body. so, if you are travelling in a bus then always choose front side window seat or if you are travelling in a car then front passenger seat is best.

Don’t Travel with Empty Stomach

Take Some light food before going to travel because with empty stomach there are much chance of getting motion sickness.

Eat Continues Light Food during Journey

Avoid Taking heavy food also avoid greasy, spicy, or acidic foods before or during traveling .take some light food or continues eat some thing light food during your whole Travelling journey

Sit comfortable

Don’t carry any baggage on you lap or near you, sit comfortable and if you are feeling uneasy lay down if possible . take a comfortable seating position and listen music help you heal or relax.

Take Medicine

As Per doctor Prescription take some medicine that help you to Avoid Vomiting .

Chamomile tea

Take Chamomile tea This herb chamomile helps to calm the stomach, lessen stomach acids, and relax the muscles in the stomach. Think about steeping tea ahead of time, packing it in a travel mug, and enjoying it hot or cold.

Drink Water or apple juice

Drink cold water or juice this may benefited for your health avoid drinking coffee or soda which can exacerbate nausea and add to dehydration.

Think Positive and Enjoy your Journey

Always Think positive , stay healthy or enjoy your travelling. when you start enjoying your travelling listening music , playing games , make healthy conversation with your travels partners then you forgot vomiting and your motion sickness. so, try this


These are some natural tips and habits you should opt while travelling. Basically Motion sickness caused because of an imbalance between what you see and what you feel in the car or bus.

The vehicle is travelling forward and Your body is seating normal ( immobile) You feel ill because of this imbalance so, that is the reason why most people feel motion sickness while travelling.

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