Which Car Should We Purchase Old Car Vs. New Car?

Old Car Vs. New Car ? Want To Buy a Car, and Confused?

Which Car Should We Purchase Old Car vs. New Car? Then , Today you are at the Right Place.

We From Cargayan.com help you to finalized your Decision with our Experience, knowledge and Expertise Suggestion.

Simultaneously, If you need a used Car then we have option for you Try this!

Car is a Dream in every one’s life. since our childish age to older ages, Our Dream is to have a Car in our family to travel everywhere.

Car show Luxurious lifestyle, comfort journey and a good travel partner.

In our Childhood, when we travel on to Road , Children used to look every new Vehicle or Model of cars running on road.

They learn their name and always discussing it with their friends , On Younger age after bike, always a younger one wanted to buy a car,.

But, Now in life we have to think every aspect of life before investing.

Car is a Investment so, you need to Think twice Which Car Should We Purchase Old Car vs. New Car? before investing or taking any decision.

Here are some Points keep in mind before taking any decision:-

Points keep in Mind before Investing in Car old vs. New?

There are many difference between a brand new car or second hand car, lets discuss with new Car:-

Brand New Car

If you don’t have any kind of Financial or Budget issue you can prefer to new Car. Brand New Car has its Own Experience, Comfort and Luxuries Look.

But, if Paying down Payment or follow all Monthly EMI’s is difficult for you then we look for another Option.

Because the First Point we Should Think Before Buying a new Car is That we Should be Financially Good to bear the Down payment Amount, and the Future EMI’s .

Some Pro’s and Con’s of Buying a Brand NEW Car:-

Read some Pro’s and Con’s of Buying a Brand NEW Car and Understand what should you do:-

The Pro’s of Buying a New Car
  • The Best Part is if you are going to buy a Brand New Car then you will get benefit of low-interest rates set by the Federal Reserve.
  • In Brand New Car You will Enjoy Warranty as Vehicles come with manufacturer’s warranty Typically vehicles come with a 10 year, 100,000 mile powertrain (engine and transmission) warranty.
  • Technology Updated Every Single Day, Month or Year. So, Buying a NEW Car means Buying a New Technology.
  • When you buy a new car you can customized it as per your Choice or you can choose the most standard version of the car that work best for you and your Family.
  • When you Buy a Brand NEW Cars, you can enjoy Top most updated technology , features and up-to-date safety features.
  • With Brand NEW Car the best Advantage is You’ll have lower maintenance costs.
  • You will not have to look on tires for 2-3 years depending on your routine of Travelling same with AC maintenances or battery of new Vehicles
  • Enjoy after Sell Services for Some Years as Some Brands Also Provide One Road Services If any issue Occur on Road while Travelling.
The Con’s of Buying a New Car
  • When You Buy a New Car Then Your Car Start Depreciating Month or Month year by year.
  • You have to insure your Brand New Vehicle with Full coverage Insurance Policy. Mostly Car insurance calculated by many Factors one of it is Car age. The New Vehicle always have the higher premium .
  • As A Car is a Assets but due to Technology Upgrade every year It Always Depreciate you will always get Less Return When you sale it in future.
  • You have to bear high down payment when you buy a new car and long monthly EMI’s

Old Car (Used Cars)

If you have low Budget and Don’t want to have any EMI’s Burden go for used CAR. Sometime you will find best deal in second hand cars .

Many people Considered CAR as Their Family Member and They maintain their CAR Very Well but, due to any personal Reason they wanted to sell their Car .

So, If you find this kind of best deal in used Car then it is very well decision to go with Used Car instead of doing heavy investment on Brand New Car.

Some Pro’s and Con’s of Buying a Used Car (Old Car):-

Read some Pro’s and Con’s of Buying a Used Car (Old Car) and Understand what should you do:-

The Pro’s of Buying a Used Car (Old Car)
  • You will get Car in Very Budget Price There is no fixed rate Of Used Car. you can buy it with Mutual bargain or understanding with the Car Owner or Used Car Dealer.
  • You will enjoy Discount on Car insurance Policy as well If the past owner of Vehicle paying their car insurance policy on regular bases.
  • Lower Loan amount or Emi you have to pay when you buy used car.
  • Lower Rate of Depreciation as heavy Depreciation of car already done at their early stage
The Con’s of Buying a Used Car (Old Car)
  • Some time we Unknown with the Past History of the Vehicles like damage and maintenance. so, before Buying used Car you should know all about the past history of That used Cars.
  • Old technology or Model you will get if you Buy second hand car.
  • High maintained Cost you will suffer such as seat cover, battery, tires and many more
  • Sometime you need to do instant expenses of new accessories required in car as per your need.


Todays in this article we Discuss about Which Car Should We Purchase Old Car Vs. New Car? so, the conclusion is you need to think about your financial past and future scenario before buying a new car or used car .

if you afford a New Car without any financial worries go for it other if you can find best deal in used car buy a used car as technology always depreciate . so, save money and invest it where it sense.

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