How to put a FASTag on a car?

It seems that you have too much confusion about FASTag and how to use it. In this particular blog, I’m promising you that you will get everything you expected.

Traditionally we have a cash-based toll tax system to collect the tax from vehicle owners. In this cash-based system, the problem is the wastage of time.

In this era of milliseconds, no one wants to be in line for hours and hours. A solution to this and to support digitalization government introduced FASTag.

Let’s have a knowledgeable dive into the FASTag.

 FASTag is something like your ATM card which is used whenever you pass any toll plaza. As FASTag works wirelessly there is no such need to be in line for hours and hours and no need to worry about change.

As it is cashless, it has given more power to digitalization, and become very easy to have records of each transaction. FASTag works on RFID technology. RFID is Radio Frequency Identification. It is mostly used in object tracking.

So This digital toll tax system consists of two main things 1. A scanner used by toll collectors and 2. A FASTag card that is stuck on any vehicle (any four-wheeled vehicle).

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Let’s come to your favorite question: “How to put FASTag on a car?”

We saw that FASTag is simply a card and you might already have this because you were confused about how to put it on a car.

Before putting it on a car first understand why it is used then after it will be super easy to where to stick it.

The scanner or let’s say a camera is going to scan your FASTag you must stick it somewhere on the windshield so that it can easily detect and proceed further.

You might receive one cover which is having FASTag sticker and some useful guides. 

Here are some points to take care of before sticking it on a car.

  • Make sure the windshield is cleaned enough
  • Decide an ideal place for FASTag
  • Remove the sticker and stick it on a car
  • As we have to protect it for a long time, we have to stick it inside the car. 

Let’s see how FASTag works. 

As you know FASTag work on the bases of RFID technology. we can divide the whole working process of FASTag into the below steps.

  • Scanning
  • Amount deduction
  • Allow continuing your journey

Let’s say a car with installed FASTag arrives at a toll plaza. The camera is used as a scanner in the toll collection system. It scans and identifies the FASTag.

After the process of scanning the applicable tax gets deducted from your wallet because the FASTag provides you the functionality to connect it to any of your digital transaction wallets.

As the amount gets transferred, you are allowed to continue your journey to your lovely destination. 

As we have discussed very little about the advantages of FASTag. Let’s have a clear view of the brighter side of it.

  • Time is the most valuable asset of human beings and FASTag saves hours and hours for us.
  • There is no such involvement of physical money. so yes, now you don’t need to worry if you don’t have money in your pocket and you see some toll plaza coming.
  • It supports digitalization aggressively.
  • After the implementation of FASTag, It becomes very easy to maintain records and it also needs very less man force to handle the operations.

Of course, it also has a very small dark side:

  • It involves online transactions, and a person with no knowledge of online banking may get confused while proceeding.
  • The scanning system may get damaged and stop working as it is a device.

Le’s take very important FAQs and try to solve them with very simple and easy-to-understand actionable steps.

How to apply for FASTag ?

It can be possible in two ways.
online mode 
offline mode
In online mode, You can contact your bank, or nowadays digital payment services like Paytm, phonepe, and googlepay make this process very simple for you. you just have to know how to operate it.
In offline mode, You can contact any toll plaza and have your FASTag from there.

How many documents are required to apply for FASTag?

List of the required documents to apply for FASTag:
Registration certificate of car
copy of the Passport size photo of a car owner
KYC document
Driving license
Image of your car (not mandatory)
Have your time and Prepare all the required documents carefully and then apply for FASTag.

FASTag delivery is delayed, whom to contact?

There are many reasons for the delay in delivery, you are suggested to contact your issuing bank’s customer services and discuss the same with them and ask to resolve the problem.

How long we can use FASTag ?

One can use a maximum of Five (5) years. After purchasing it, you need to top up it from time to time to avoid the extra tax at a toll plaza.

I already have a FASTag installed on my car, how can I recharge?

Now online payment providers give very useful functionality to avoid time to time Topup of FASTag. They allow us to connect our FASTag to our digital wallet and that’s where the amount gets deducted every time we pass the toll plaza. 

What is the minimum amount I can recharge with?

The minimum amount decided by the government is 100rs. Yes, you can proceed with the same. If you are already a FASTag user and facing the below problems, you can take respective actionable steps to solve your problem.

What to do when you don’t receive your refund?

Don’t worry it is a very general problem, many times it happens that the amount gets deducted and you didn’t receive the refund. In such a case, you are advised to contact your issuing bank. Tell them in detail and ask them to resolve the issue.

Is your FASTag damaged?

There are very less chances of FASTag getting damaged, but in case your FASTag is damaged you are advised to connect to your TAG issuing bank and ask them for a replacement of FASTag.

You have Your FASTag on your card, What if you want to sell the car?

In this case, You just have to communicate this scenario to your issuing bank and you can close the account.

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